Find substring in string


You want to search and find the index of a string inside a bigger string.


(define (string-find haystack needle . rest)
  (let ((start (if (null? rest) 0 (car rest))))
    (let* ((haystack-len (string-length haystack))
           (needle-len (string-length needle))
           (start 0))
      (let loop ((h-index start)
                 (n-index 0))
        (let ((h-char (string-ref haystack h-index))
              (n-char (string-ref needle n-index)))
          (if (char=? h-char n-char)
              (if (= (+ n-index 1) needle-len)
                  (+ (- h-index needle-len) 1)
                  (loop (+ h-index 1) (+ n-index 1)))
              (if (= (+ h-index 1) haystack-len)
                  (loop (+ h-index 1) 0))))))))

Credit: Jakub T. Jankiewicz


The same functionality is provided by SRFI-13 function string-contains and string-contains-ci


(let* ((input "This is hello world")
       (search "hello")
       (found (string-find input search)))
    (and found (substring input found (string-length input))))
;; ==> "hello world"

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